Honda announces second EV to be launched in China

Honda EV's second concept car "e:N2 concept"

Honda announces second EV to be launched in China, to be released in 2023

On the 5th, Honda announced the second concept car of the electric vehicle (EV) series to be introduced to the Chinese market, the “e:N2 Concept”. It will be exhibited at the China International Import Expo, which opened in Shanghai on the same day, and plans to accelerate electrification efforts in the Chinese automobile market, where sales of EVs continue to expand.

It is a medium-sized vehicle that utilizes the characteristics of an EV to reduce the number of switches as much as possible, adopting a clean interior design. It is scheduled to go on sale in China in 2023.

The company started selling its brand EV in China from April this year. It plans to launch a total of 10 EV models in China by 2027. A joint venture with a local company is also building an EV-dedicated plant with the aim of starting operations in 2024. President Toshihiro Sanbe commented, “We will be reborn as an electric brand in China.”

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